Member's Notice:
::INFOS:: Welcome to Global Syndicate Soccer Ltd. Huge Correct-score payout! Excellent winning tip available throughout the season! More matches are available daily. For more information kindly contact us. !

GLOBALSYNDICATESOCCER innovative hardware, proprietary technology, applications and service enable clients to experience high quality soccer winning strategy- anytime, anywhere. (from United Kingdom, Spain and Italy). We’re bringing you to the highest level of soccer investment.

Service Charges:
4 Week subscription : USD 39,999 + 10% (Net Profit)
4 weeks subscription: USD 12,999 + (50% from Net Profit after each week)

Arbitrage betting software perform among betting companies, finding suitable event, compare and contrast odds with guaranteed and maximize profit on each outcome. Inclusive of all insider syndicate information on all covered matches. Parlays and correct score betting included.

Inclusive of:
+ Return of Investment (ROI): Minimum of 10x Return Investment Warranty.
+ additional investment of match-fixing, large winning stakes.
+ Personal consultant manager, SMS / E-mail alerts, SKYPE support.
+ Efficient customer support.
* Winning at the end of membership = Guaranteed minimum of 10X Return Investment warranty.

Compensation: + Full refund / replacement of the subscription.
Requirement: Above USD 100,000 bankroll.